Portable Thermal Oxidizers

Air Clear manufactures Portable Thermal Oxidizers used to remove toxic gas prior to tank cleaning; maintenance or repair of existing equipment; or as a temporary air treatment solution for a new process or pilot studies. Thermal oxidizers are used to capture and destroy harmful gas vapor from tanks that carry Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). When the chemicals, solvents or petrochemicals carried in the tanks are removed, gas vapor remains in the tanks. Air Clears’ portable thermal oxidizers remove and destroy the VOC’s present in the vapor, preventing the release of harmful vapors into the atmosphere. They are designed for process flexibility and are effective for vapors containing high or low concentrations of VOC’s, and can achieve destruction efficiency in excess of 99%.  Air Clear will assist in the set-up of the equipment and provides full support services, including maintenance and repair services. Our engineering staff is available 24/7 and can be scheduled to minimize operational downtime. We offers rental or lease of our portable thermal oxidizers for short or long term needs whether it is a tank cleaning application, emergency situation or temporary requirement.  Air Clear’s custom designs can provide you with a portable thermal oxidizer to meet your desired requirements.

Air Clear Portable Thermal Oxidizer features:

  • Customized waste stream flow rates to your application requirements
  • Trailer-mounted Portable Thermal Oxidizers
  • Fans, burner, vaporizer and combustion chamber manufactured to industry standards and fully insulated to provide safe operation (natural gas or propane)
  • Exhaust stack is fully insulated with height above-grade-level for additional safety during discharge
  • Fully automated oxidizer operation, including system controls and safety interlocks
  • Flame trap, inlet manifold, knock-out pot and dampers ensure safe, efficient processing
  • Low maintenance operation in outdoor environments. NEMA 4 panel and enclosure are rated for outdoor use