RTO for Petrochemical Plant

RTO for Petrochemical Plant

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Client:欧美色图库  DuPont’s EVA Copolymer plant

Location:   Beijing, China


Background:  Air Clear LLC worked in conjunction with its License Tri-Tech to provide and installed Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) for a new EVA plant near Beijing, China. In order to protect the structured ceramic heat recovery beds from the  solid particulate in the exhaust a dust collector was used to pre-filter the process air and prevent plugging and loss of TER (thermal energy recovery). The nature of the process mandated that additional safety precautions be taken. A FDA (flame detonation arrestor was installed to eliminate the possibility of a ‘flashback‘ to the process.. A ‘Z’ purge was incorporated into the control panel making the insides inert eliminating the potential for explosions.

Solution:   Air Clear engineers designed, fabricated and installed a three-Chamber Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) with purge, hot bypass system, capable of oxidizing 48,000 NM3欧美色图库. The emission requirements were successfully met exceeding 99% DRE

欧美色图库The entire system was designed by Air Clear and a majority of the mechanical system was fabricated locally in China under stringent Air Clear supervision.  This reduced capital cost for the customer while maintaining Air Clear’s high quality requirements.

欧美色图库A PLC system was used to provide flexible, easy, remote operation of the entire system.  In addition, Air Clear included features which allow Air Clear engineers to monitor and troubleshoot the system operation from the United States.  This dramatically improves on-line productivity.