Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer w/Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger Operates with Zero Fuel Use

Client:  Arlon Silicon Technologies Division, Rogers Corporation

Location:欧美色图库  Bear, Delaware

Background:欧美色图库   Arlon STD operates large Silicon and Teflon coating operations by means of continuous fiberglass and other woven material coating with Silicon and Teflon via calendars.

Arlon’s objectives were;

  • Destroy 98+% of the VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)
  • Utilize a cost effective means of total system operation
  • Return enough energy to minimize the current drying/curing oven burner.
  • Limit production down time while removing the old system and installing and starting the new system.

    欧美色图库7,900 SCFM Thermal Regenerative (RTO) Oxidizer

Solution: Air Clear engineers designed, fabricated and installed a two-chamber RTO with a hot bypass system, counter flow air-to-air heat exchangers, and an ambient air dilution valve.  The emission requirements were successfully met; exceeding 98% DRE (Destruction and Removal Efficiency) while producing approximately 7,900 SCFM of 375-400°F pre-heated ambient air for the drying/curing oven. The DRE (Destruction and Removal Efficiency) is monitored by two FID monitors placed at the inlet and outlet of the RTO. The LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) is also monitored on the outlet of the drying/curing oven. The heat exchanger operates with greater than 68% effectiveness.  Once in operation, the RTO operated with zero fuel input while providing the required hot air to the drying/curing oven.  Organic concentrations above 8% were sufficient to maintain the required combustion chamber temperature. The system is a two chamber design, with poppet valves fabricated and tuned by Air Clear.  This feature allows Air-Clear to meet greater than ≥98% (Destruction and Removal Efficiency).  The entire system was designed, fabricated and installed by Air Clear LLC located in Elkton Maryland. The system was installed in three weeks and was operational with the coating line operations within 36 hours of initial start-up. A PLC system was used to provide flexible, easy, remote operation of the RTO as well as the existing drying/curing oven as a complete system.  In addition, Air-Clear included features which allow Air-Clear engineers to monitor and troubleshoot the system operation from anywhere in the World.  This dramatically improves on-line productivity.