Thermal Oxidizer (SVE) on PetroChemical

Thermal Oxidizer (SVE) on PetroChemical

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Air Clear designed, manufactured, and installed a Thermal Oxidizer (SVE) on PetroChemical Process was used to destroy organic contaminants in groundwater.

Company: Mattiace Petrochemical Company

Location: Glen Cove, Long Island, New York, USA

Background: The Mattiace Petrochemical Co. operated at the Glen Cove facility for years, disposing of waste materials onsite.

Problem: The contamination ultimately spread to the surrounding groundwater threatening local communities’ drinking water.

Waste Description: The contaminants included benzene, xylene, dichlorobenzene, toluene, vinyl chloride and other organic and halogenated organics.

Solution:欧美色图库 Soil vapor extraction (SVE) was used to vaporize the organic contaminants in the groundwater; Air Clear manufactured a skid mounted thermal oxidizer/quench/scrubber system to destroy the hazardous organics in the off-gas from the SVE process and remove the acid gas produced by the halogenated compounds.

Process Equipment:   The contaminated vapors enter the thermal oxidizer combustion chamber where they are destroyed by the excessive temperature; fuel use is substantially reduced by using a shell and tube heat exchanger to “preheat” the waste gas entering the combustion chamber; to remove the hydrogen chloride (HCl) gas created in the combustion process from the halogenated compounds, a quench and acid gas scrubber using sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is provided.